Beyond Fellow Dancing K and Lund nail CSI2* Grand Prix honours at Dubai Sustainable City

  • Beyond Fellow Dancing K and Lund nail CSI2* Grand Prix honours at Dubai Sustainable City

DANISH VETERAN Tina Lund only just managed to edge her way to the top honours in the CSI2* Grand Prix at the Dubai Sustainable City after she and Emirati counterpart Salim Ahmed Al Suwaidi turned out to be the only two riders to have gone through the two round event flawlessly. Riding Beyond Fellow Dancing K, Lund completed the second round with a time of 46.28 seconds which was just 0.24s quicker than the 46.52s time posted by Al Suwaidi aboard Diamond Way. The pair weren’t the quickest during the event where the obstacles were set at a height of 145cm, but they rode without fault over both rounds, with Al Suwaidi quicker of the two over the first round when posting a time of 74.93s compared to Lund’s 79.81s.

Ireland’s Trevor Breen was the only other rider to ride without fault in the first round and had he managed to stay error free over the second round, the title would have been his as he rode the course in 43.94s. But that wasn’t to be and Jordanian Ahmed Mansour rounded off the podium with a time of 41.48s, his four faults from Round 1 carrying over to ruin his chances of a top place finish. Ireland’s Jack Ryan won the CSI2* Big Tour (140cm) event with Guminka in a time of 46.17s, with Great Britain’s Georgia Tame taking second aboard Z7 Ascot with 49.01s on the clock. In third place was Egyptian rider Karim Elzoghby, who clocked 51.96s on F-Narcist. Shady Ghrayeb of Syria won the Six Bars event (150cm) after completing the three competition rounds without a fault on Centorito, while second place was shared by Saudi Arabia’s Abdullah Al Sharbatly and Portugal’s Joao Marquilhas who each rode four faults in the third round aboard Beau Limit and Ashes And Snow respectively.

Al Sharbatly made sure he didn’t share the honours in the CSI2* Small Tour category when riding Beau Limit across the course fastest in 29.6s in the second round. Second placed Ghrayeb of Syria was timed at 30.74s aboard Centorito, while Sweden’s Ida Wilhelmsson on Artuur JH Z was third with 30.77s. Lund also won the CSIYH1* Young Horses Grand Prix with Caracho after winning the jump-off with a time of 35.22s. In second place was Mohammed Osama El Borai of Egypt who clocked 36.89s on Flicka, while third went to Greek rider Dimitri Natsis, who needed 37.11s to complete the course on Jaylobalia DV.

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