Author: Duane Fonseca

JEBEL ALI STABLES resident trainer Nicholas Bachalard has saluted Jebel Ali Racecourse and its founder and patron HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for the indelible mark they have left behind on UAE and world racing.

Jebel Ali has been a pivotal pillar of racing in the UAE and has produced some of the best racing within Emirati shores over its 30 years of existence. The racecourse has evolved tremendously and is one of the most popular destinations for racegoers and their families because it has something for everyone, with top quality racing a highlight over the years.

And Bachalard believes it all boils down to Sheikh Ahmed’s vision and humongous support and the years of hard work put in by the facility’s management to ensure their patron’s orders to keep everyone entertained are strictly followed. “Jebel Ali Racecourse has been a longstanding feature in the racing world and in UAE racing,” Bachalard said. “Sheikh Ahmed has been one of the greatest supporters of racing in the UAE over the years and continues to carry on.

“The longevity of Jebel Ali is a tribute to Sheikh Ahmed and his commitment to racing. His support of owners and trainers and his desire to make racing entertaining for everyone attending too is second to none. “Jebel Ali is a place that for the last 30 years has made a lot of racegoers and their families very happy.

They’ve gathered to enjoy racing and just as the first 30 years ends, a new era begins which will see racing being run at Jebel Ali on Saturdays. “People are what make the atmosphere at racing and Jebel Ali is a fine example of how brilliant the racing is here with such huge crowds.

There has always been a superb atmosphere at Jebel Ali and that’s all because of the crowd and the quality of the horses that have provided memorable racing here over the years.” Bachalard further lauded Sheikh Ahmed as having left an indelible mark on world racing too.

“On the world stage too, Sheikh Ahmed has had horses racing very successfully, particularly in England,” Bachalard added. “He has always been a big supporter of racing in England and his horses have won some of the biggest races in the world. “On a personal note he has always supported me even if things haven’t gone the right way. He’s always helped and supported me in my career.”

JARC Pearl Anniversary fan competition

To celebrate the Pearl Anniversary of Jebel Ali Racecourse (JARC), which marks its 30 years in UAE racing, JARC’s management will identify 30 fans that have attended race meetings at the venue over the years. To register for the competition, racegoers must register themselves at https:// and then create a profile via the following link…